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Awww, mushy stuff

This scene is for everyone who cried "Nooooo...." when it was revealed that Mirialia dumped Dearka. It was a sample RP my fiancee and I played that made me decide to open Seed Liberty. Enjoy ^_^

BTW, this takes place after Destiny. Miriallia's staying at a hotel in Aprillus to cover some important post-war goings on.

Mirialia switched off the newsfeed in disgust. They would never learn. The factions of the Earth Alliance were like bullies in a school yard. At one sign of weakness from the biggest jerk, the others would pounce.

She got a drink of water from the sink and thought about just turning in for the night when the door chime sounded.

“Who is it?” she called as she changed course for the door.

“An old friend.” came the voice she least wanted to hear.

The door pocketed itself in the wall at her touch and Dearka Elsman smiled at her in that annoyingly dashing way he thought was so charming. “Hi Gorgeous. I thought since you were in the neighborhood...”

“That you’d swoop by and see if I’d changed my mind?” she interrupted.

“Woah! Peace! Friend!” He protested, raising both hands to shoulder level. “I really did just come by to see you.”

Her expression crumpled into a glower of suspicion.

“Can I come in at least? Just for a minute?”

“Yeah..” She stepped aside. “I have something for you anyway.”

He entered and hung up his overcoat, his dress green uniform was its usual state of semi-rumpledness underneath. Part of her suddenly ached to reach over and smoothe one wrinkle one near his right shoulder...

“Something for me?” he asked surprised.

“Yeah, Sai asked me to deliver it before we left” the little fink, she added mentally. Sai had remained in Orb after the first war. When he learned that she was heading to the Plants, he’d pressed Mirialia into playing postman for him. “Let me go get it.”

She turned on her heel and strode into the bedroom. Just because Sai and Dearka had struck up a friendship at the end of the first war did it mean that SHE had to bring his present to HER ex? There hadn’t been time before the ship left to rip into Sai as she so desperately wanted to, so she’d merely accepted and hoped she could give it to Athrun or someone else to deliver but...

She found the small parcel in her suitcase. “God, you owe me one Argyle.” she muttered and went back into the main room.

Mirialia found Dearka standing by the window overlooking the city. He was looking at a small photo, like a wallet-size. It was one of those that captured a short sound byte as well as the image. It kept chirping in a tiny version of her voice “You’re nuts, but I still like you” over and over.

Standing there as he was, silhouetted by the night sky of the Plant and space beyond that, a thousand glinting points of star fire playing about him made her heart flutter again, only to be crushed a second later beneath her resolve. “Here you go.” she tossed him the small wrapped object. “Just out of curiosity...?”

“Reporter’s instincts?” he answered.

“Don’t bring my work into it. I was just curious.” She retorted hotly.

“It’s just something I forgot at Sai and my apartment before I re-enlisted all right? It took me a while to decide if I even wanted to see it again or not” He flipped it back to her. “Here, see for yourself.”

She caught it deftly and undid the wrapping paper. It was a felt covered burgundy box. “Oh, Dearka...” she breathed.

“Open it.” he told her.

Blinking, Mirialia did. Inside the box was a gracefully sculpted diamond ring. “Is... is this?”

Dearka sighed “It had been.” He shook his head “But you didn’t want any part of that did you?”

“Oh, don’t put that on me. I told you that I was interested in marriage someday, just not right now!”

“And I told you that I was willing to wait, then you abruptly weren’t there.”

She stalked right over to him, her nose inches from his and fury contorting her face “It was more than just that and you KNOW it!”

“Of course.” Dearka replied in a tone that said the exact opposite.

“You didn’t want me to become a freelancer.” She accused.

“I never said anything of the sort. I just wanted to see you more than once every three months!” he shot back.

“My work is important to me!”

“YOU are important to me!” he roared right in her face.

Her mouth fell slack and the floor went away as she stared into those intent dark eyes. When he got like this he always reminded her of a barely tamed animal, so much passion and wildness contained under a veneer of suave chivalry.

This was certainly the last way she expected to encounter Dearka Elsman again.

Then suddenly she found her arms around him, his around her and their lips frantically searching and finding each other.

Rebelling against her mind, her right hand snaked up between them and began fiddling with his uniform tunic while his went to her belt buckle.

“This..” she gasped “this doesn’t mean anything.”

“Not a thing.” he replied, hands slipping beneath her shirt and sliding up her back.

“We were always good at this.” she steered him towards the bedroom.

“Oh you betcha.” Dearka smirked.

(Fade to black...)

I'm just a sucker for the love/hate thing...

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