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MSGS Liberty: Q&A

Since a lot of people asked the same questions regarding the new RPG MSG Seed Liberty I thought I should answer them here since this is where most of them came from.

For those who haven't seen my ad posts (and I'm sorry to those sick-to-death of them ^^;;) Seed Liberty is a play by email story-writing game set just after the Destiny tv series ends. I heartily encourage any and all fic writers of any level experience to apply.

1: What is a PBEM?
A Play By E-Mail game. It works like this: Athrun's player writes something like the following:
Athrun sipped at the glass of water while waiting for Kira and Cagalli.
Athrun's player then send that out to everyone else in an e-mail with the subject line "Story name" Tag: Kira.
Kira's player then responds, adding Kira's bit to the original:
Athrun sipped at the glass of water while waiting for Kira and Cagalli.
Kira came around the corner and waved to Athrun.

Kira then sends it out again. "Story name" Tag: Cagalli
...and so on. The idea is that when the story is finished it is put on the game's page as a completed fic.

2: Can I make my own character or mobile suit?"
Yes on both. However the standards for them are stricter and we would prefer that some of the series characters be taken first.

3: Do I need to have seen Seed Destiny?
You don't need to have seen the whole thing (though you must know how it ends). If you're playing a character specifically from Destiny, we recommend that you've seen the whole thing. If you're playing a character not involved in Destiny (like Sai from the first series) you can get away with minimal knowledge of the sequel. We have a link to a site with good episode synopses if you need to brush up.
NOTE: This game does not include the Destiny OAV version of the ending. For our purposes, the plot-hole-riddled TV ending is much better.

4: That Athrun Zala bio on the cast page is huge! Do I have to write a bio that long?
Not at all. We want a high level of detail for an original character and I wanted to show that level in that bio (I play Athrun btw). The reason it's so long is that he had a lot of history to work through since he was pivotal in both series.

If you have any other questions, please leave a comment here or e-mail me from the game's update page.

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