allbluedreams (allbluedreams) wrote in gsfics,

Now Open for Applications!

I've been talking about it for a couple weeks now, time to throw the doors open wide.

MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SEED: LIBERTY is now officially open for character applications!

Set one month after the end of the Seed Destiny TV series, Liberty focuses on the political chaos left behind after the end of the Second C.E. War and the complex social relationships of the characters...oh yeah, and the occasional end-of-the-world battle. ^_^

Original character and even original mobile suit designs are welcome, but at the moment we have a wide selection of series characters to choose from, including primary cast members of both Seed and Seed Destiny.

Because we're just starting out, I'm allowing people to put a hold on series characters. What that means is, if you tell me you're working on an app for a character, I will hold off on any final decisions about that character until all apps are in. In other words, if six people apply for Kira, I'll wait on a choice until all six apps are in.
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