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"Citrus-Kiss" and Gundam SEED novels:

I'm new to this community, so, if I'm doing something wrong, please tell me, or mods, feel free to delete . . .

Title: Citrus-Kiss
Author: manga_novel_fan
Summary: Kira thinks about his relationship with the "Hawk of Endymion."
Genre: PWP drabble (290 words). romance, angst
Rating: NC-17; adult
Pairing: La Flaga x Kira

La Flaga smells like sweet, almost-overripe oranges. The kind that had been hard to get back on Heliopolis. The older man was a burst of citrus on Kira’s tongue.

His kisses were possessive and at the same time, gentle. His skin was smooth, except for a few scars. His hair was surprisingly soft.

La Flaga often whispered encouragement in Kira’s ear, his voice low, commanding. His hand would wrap around Kira’s length and stroke with maddening skill, the pleasure causing the boy to bite his lip. The Archangel’s living quarters were packed tightly together; it wouldn’t do to call out.

Sometimes, when Kira used his tongue just right, La Flaga would groan, his stomach stretched taut like the skin of a drum. Then he’d rake his fingernails across Kira’s scalp, and pull him up for another kiss, and Kira was lost, lost, a ship at sea, sinking in sands of desire, the cold depths of space abandoned by this man’s warmth, by his casual fire and heat.

Strong arms would lock around him, push him down, spread his legs. Kira would grunt and pant and do his best to let La Flaga in, living for those citrus-kisses; his mouth latched onto La Flaga’s; his heart thumping against his chest, in his ears.

“Come for me,” La Flaga would whisper, and Kira, drifting, drugged with the warmth, would always obey.

Afterward, La Flaga would ruffle his hair, then climb back into his pilot’s suit and make a hasty exit—a wink and an affectionate, “Good work, Skinny,” and then . . . silence. Cold. The cloying smell of Flay’s perfume. The dreams—Athrun and Lacus and incinerated paper flowers.

Kira wakes up every morning, doused in cold sweat, thirsty, in that place between dreaming and awake, the scent of citrus forgotten.

I was just curious if anyone else has read the Gundam SEED novels put out by TOKYOPOP?

I thought the first one, Divergent Strike, was pretty good, and it really inspired me to write fics, so I figured I'd link to them here, in case anyone else might be interested.

Even though I know it's not an exact translation, word for word, of the Japanese manga novel, my Japanese isn't good enough that I'd be able to enjoy the original yet. But even so, I thought Divergent Strike was a really good read. It's quick, and packed with action, but also character-driven.

It's got awesome battle scenes and lots of "quick cuts" -- hm, how to put it? Like, the chapters are broken up into lots of sections, so it has the same "feel" of the anime, in that you get a rapid look at what's going on in everyone's heads (ZAFT and Earth Alliance, alike) and different timelines, but it's not convoluted and messy like some other manga novels I've read, which try and have an omniscient narrator that knows everything all the time.

Plus! For those of you that like yaoi/ shounen-ai, it's got a lot of yummy subtext, especially between La Flaga/Kira and Creuset/Athrun, to say nothing of Athrun/Kira. Which I thought was cool. If it's not your cup of tea, though, it's not heavy enough that it would distract you from the story. And there's plenty of La Flaga/Murrue UST on the pages, too!

The novel pretty much follows the anime canon. I like the inner thoughts, though -- I feel like I got a better grasp of the characters (especially Murrue, and Tolle, whose part kinda gets eaten up by Sai in the anime, so seeing the difference was interesting.) I won't say anything more b/c I don't want to spoil anyone, but, let me just say, for $8, this was a good book.

And in the front, it's got all these cool pictures of the Gundams and ships and the specs, and character profiles, and then in the back, it's got a pretty detailed glossary, which I found helpful when writing my fic. So, anyway, these books have my seal of approval.

It looks like TOKYOPOP is gonna release the first three, and then wait and see how they do. I love reading manga novels, but it's really hard to get a whole series, just because manga and anime (being visual mediums) sell better. I hope if you guys enjoy reading Gundam SEED stuff, you'll support the industry!

Okay. Enough of my babbling. I'm gonna go back and lurk now.
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